25 August, 2011

Playing catch up.

It's been a while. Save your castigation for later, because for now, I have good news.

Sister One's visit went smashingly (and a little crashingly, with a no-harm-incurred tumble down the stairs on her part). We chatted, took a mini road trip, did some baking, it was lovely. That said, she also got to accompany me on a two hour magical mystery tour of the Hillingdon Hospital maternity ward waiting room while I underwent a fairly obnoxious blood test. The last bloods they drew showed that my blood sugar was a bit high, so they wanted me to take a glucose tolerance test. This involved fasting, giving blood, drinking a copious quantity of Lucozade (vile stuff), waiting two hours and then giving blood again to see how my body dealt with the influx of sugar from the drink. One took pictures, as she always does, got visual proof of needles and nasty Lucozade faces that are now posted in her albums on facebook for your enjoyment, and we went on our merry way.

I was meant to get the results from the test in three or four days. The test was last Wednesday, so I had expected to hear something on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Today's Thursday. I finally called the surgery, paranoia rearing its ugly head due to bad experiences with lost blood work toward the beginning of my pregnancy, only to be told that not only were my test results in, they were totally normal and marked "no further action". Hooray! No gestational diabetes to deal with, no more worries about unhealthy Madam or unhealthy me, I'm clean.

In other news, as of today Himself and I have been married for four years. It's an odd one, four years. The first three felt like real milestones, and maybe it's the impending homunculus that's shifting things around in my head, but four years just seems to be a gentle reminder of the fact that we're still hanging in there. I honestly can't picture my life without him, he's become a permanent fixture in my mental future, it's just us. Given that had there been a poll in my past, I would have been voted "least likely to marry or procreate", I think we're doing pretty well. *grin*

Pregnancy wise, I'm huge, she kicks a lot, I pee a lot, the usual. Still no real cravings, anything I think I'm craving can usually be ignored in favour of something I already have in the kitchen. That said, I ate absolute rubbish the entire time One was here, so my ankles have morphed into joints more suited to an elephant, but I'm sure they'll go back to normal soon. I'm temping in the city centre for an indiscriminate amount of time (fairly hilarious job offer, the agency started the conversation with "when are you actually due?") so I'm occupied and gainfully employed all in one.

Himself and I are going to have to crack on with the nursery, he started putting things together and got the dresser all sorted out, but the bed has a mis-drilled end piece which we now have to get replaced. In the interest of total honesty, I should admit that One and I dragged home the dresser from Ikea without checking whether it would impede the sliding doors to the wardrobe (which it did) so Himself had to take the doors down. *grin* I've decided it actually looks better without them, so no harm done... right?

We're not celebrating the anniversary tonight, going to wait until the weeekend so we can cook and chill at a leisurely pace. Himself has decided he'd like jerk chicken and rice and peas for his meal, so I'll be attempting that for the first time ever (with plantain replacing the chicken for yours truly, regarding which I'm a little too excited if I'm honest). I might even go totally off the charts and make fried okra! *drool* Can you tell it's coming on for lunchtime? Yeah, I'm pregnant, deal with it.

All right, back to work. You've been caught up, I'll do my best to update more frequently, blah blah blah. Have a good day!

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun with your sis! And happy anniversary of course too :) I gave birth at Hillingdon Hospital as well!