12 July, 2010

Minutia and mountains of sewing.

If you can't tell what I did with my weekend, check the title.

A girlfriend at work had a seriously dwindling wardrobe due to slight rips and tears in the majority of her clothes, so I forcibly wrested them from her (slightly embarrassed) grasp and merrily carted them home to stitch them to health. This meant that I had the impetus to delve into my own mountain of damaged clothing (easily three times as much as what she'd sent home with me) and also meant I had no excuse but to hem the previously discussed curtains.

I also... wait for it... got out the ironing board. That's right, folks, those curtains needed pressing before they could go back up (I am my grandmother's granddaughter, after all) and then I had no reason not to continue on pressing everything I'd not hung up in the wardrobe due to the fact it needed ironing. Much productivity was witnessed... well, in me, anyway. Himself spent the time lounging on the sofa watching the World Cup. I watched too, mind you, I just mended at the same time.

Speaking of the World Cup, what a game! Bloodthirsty Dutchmen, overly lenient refs, Puyol's magnificent hair! There's a Spanish guy in my office who is, understandably, slightly overexcited about the result and had decreed that today I shall lead him to the nearest place to procure tapas for the office at lunchtime. Spanish victory equals Spanish food, apparently. You will not see me complaining. *drooling slightly*

Turns out my dates were wrong on the familial visit, they're coming tomorrow instead of today. This, of course, means I have tonight to swiftly run around the House of Gabs with a duster and a bin bag, hiding the mess as quickly as possible. We're giving up our bedroom for the first time, will be much easier than having to sneak around sleeping people in the living room floor, both of us leave so early in the morning. I'm going to try to take Wednesday off to do touristy things with them, I have enough accrued holiday to manage it and still get paid. Plus, it would be nice to get to spend some time with them aside from a few hours in the evening.

Final on the list of recent happenings, Himself had his theory test this morning, the written part of the driving exam he's been studying for. Nightmare tube journey aside, he sat the test with aplomb and passed with flying colours! We say hip, hip, hooray for Himself and his inherent genius, and have accordingly sent a congratulatory gift to his office. Don't worry, babe, it's not flowers. *grin*

So, away with me, back to the daily grind. Have as decent a day as possible. That's an order.

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