28 July, 2010

All up in my nose.

I love wasabi peas. I thought I'd take this time to wax lyrical about my love for said spicy dried legumes. Well, my love for all wasabi-coated snacks. And sushi is basically just a vehicle for the lovely green stuff. And you don't have enough mixed with the soy sauce unless the heat goes right up your nose.

That's perhaps enough about wasabi.

This has been a pretty busy week so far. (I'm probably a little too puerile for 30 years old, because when I typed "far" just then, I accidentally added a "t" at the end and had a good giggle before I corrected my spelling.) I'm still nesting at Heathrow Express, and if you know me at all, you know that nesting in a new office means cleaning out every cupboard and drawer in the building. The post room is almost done, and I've got my eye set on the cupboard next to the front door now. I've changed storage around, I've trashed and archived an inordinate amount of currently unnecessary paperwork, I've reallocated supplies where needed... you get my drift. I'm in my element organising everything (and everyone) around me, life is good.

I've also been remarkably productive on a personal level as well. I've almost finished my Christmas shopping for family in Texas, and it's only almost August. To be fair, I have a deadline for myself because I intend to take it all home when I visit in October (saves more than you know on shipping it all), but still. Done with Christmas in August? Give me the points. Especially considering the sheer volume of shopping we're talking about. Four sisters, two brothers, mother, stepmother, grandmother, various aunts/uncles/cousins/friends, you get my gist.

Well, that was a random offloading of consciousness, and now I need to go find an alternative to the furniture we wanted to order for the new meeting space on our floor as apparently Italians don't work in August and can't send what we want until late September. *sigh* I knew I was born in the wrong country.

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