23 June, 2010

Fabulous Friday Frivolity.

And it's that time again! My five happy things for the week are as follows:

1. Seems like a silly thing to get so happy over, but it turns out there's a tiny little postage stamp of a garden at our office building. Surrounded by fairly well established hydrangeas, it boasts a garden bench and a picnic table. The grass is dotted with tiny daisies, and it gets a good amount of sun in the afternoons. It has become THE place to be at lunchtime, gets us outside and away from computers, and it makes such a difference to the rest of the day. A haven at Heathrow Express, if you will.

2. I've been dying to get a massage for ages now, it's been months since the last, and in general discussion early in the week a girl in the office mentioned that there was a spa behind our building, so we wandered over to check it out. Turns out that it's not only a (very) well appointed little spa, it's a bite-sized gym as well. It's got a Fastlane pool, the sort that's very small but creates a current against which to swim, and a sauna, and all the machines I'd ever have the inclination to use. Even better, the lady that runs the place said that as we work so close, she'd give us ten percent off anything (massage, gym membership, anything!), and we could do a month at a time on the gym instead of having to sign our lives away for the next two years as most gyms require. The workmate that took me down wants to join for a month and try it out, we could go over at lunchtimes for a quick swim, and if it's both of us going there's accountability and we're more likely to go. Can't wait to get in that pool!

3. In the kerfuffle surrounding my hurty foot, a piece of fairly startling (but at the same time, not so much) news came to light. I've been diagnosed as hypermobile. I grew up calling it double jointed, thought it was cool that my thumbs could go flat against my forearms, and used my extreme flexibility to show off at karate and at yoga. Now that I realise it's not only not natural, but potentially harmful to my longevity as a mobile person to continue contorting myself, I can take better care of things as they are now. It's got me taking my supplements again, gelatine and fish oil, one a day multivitamins, the lot, and I'm feeling better already. Clearheaded and alert are the order of the day. This may not sound like a happy thing, being diagnosed with what is essentially a life-altering condition, but at least I know about it now and can be more careful. Knowing is half the battle, a reference which may or may not be lost on you depending on your year of birth and in which country you were spawned. *grin*

4.The Etsy thing is rolling ahead at a slightly alarming pace. The girls in the office are chomping at the bit to get their mitts on my shop address, and as soon as I get the logo and banner sorted out with my sister's design mate, we're good to go. I've ordered shipping boxes, tissue in which to wrap the goodies, and yet more supplies as I'd begun to run out...! This Saturday will be spent crafting to my heart's content. Now if only I could figure out how to stop the moggies attempting to eat my feather stash...

5. I've saved the best one for last. A girl in the office came to my desk on Tuesday with a pair of concert tickets in her hand. I asked what they were, and she said "oh, they're to see Paul McCartney on Sunday, but I can't go now, do you want them?" Sorry, do I want them? Uh, yeah, I want them. Sunday afternoon, Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, Paul McCartney supported by Crosby, Stills and Nash, Crowded House, and Elvis Costello. For free, at the last minute. Awesome. Those are the kinds of surprises I'm totally behind. I have to pay it forward now, will be keeping my eye out for potential happy-making acts.

Go on, check it out. *grin*


So, all told, it's been a decent week. Hope it's been the same (or better) for you all. x

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