04 June, 2010

Fabulous Friday Frivolity.

Welcome, felicitously frolicsome friends!

I am aware that this is late. Read number four and take pity on me. Or not. It's whatever. *grin*

My five happy things for the week are as follows:

1. I'd forgotten what it was like to be a grownup. Let me explain. I dress for work, not for what washes well. I haven't had a single person wipe their face on me, and the words "get your finger out of your nose" haven't been necessary. I've tidied the kitchen in the office a couple of times, but it's been because I was waiting for the kettle to boil and I wanted to, not because it was my job. Roll on, office days. Also, the extra added bonus of this office is that I'm busy all the time. Got to work at eight this morning and didn't realise time had passed until it was one in the afternoon, at which point I forced myself to leave the office for lunch to prevent permanently square eyes. I would much rather be busy and have a day that passes quickly than count minutes until the hypothetical bell rings, so it's a definite plus.

2. I went out with the girls last night...! No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I, Gabs, left the house on a weeknight. I finally got to test the menu at Ping Pong, which included a lemon/basil/cracked black pepper martini that was, while strange, completely delicious. We ate an obscene amount of food, talked and laughed, and a good time was had by all.

3. I *may* have left my house keys inside our securely locked flat on Wednesday, which forced me to take shelter from the Great British Public in TK Maxx while I waited for Himself to make it back to Hammersmith. This jaunt *may* have resulted in my buying one of my favourite products for which to shop. That's right, storage jars. They're pretty, they're functional, and if the cats break them, I'll murder them both. Look how prettily my cottony products look, nested in their gleaming confines. Well appointed storage gives me the warm fuzzies.

4. You might want to sit down for this one. Not only did I leave the house yesterday, but I have plans tonight as well. I'll wait while you collect your collective selves. That's right, I'm going out tonight with a friend from a previous office job. Imminent plans in Chiswick straight after work also means that I took the motorbike to work today, and the benefits are threefold. 1) The ride when it's sunny and warm out through practically deserted Notting Hill is just lovely. 2) The journey only takes half the time of taking the tube. 3) To take the tube is roughly five pounds a day. To take the bike is £3.50 parking per week. Score.

5. I think I've made a new friend. That said, she's facebook stalking me and has begun reading this blog, so I won't be too glowing or she'll get a big head. It's rare for me to make friends in roughly the same situation I'm in currently (not twenty years old, not single, not up for going out and getting drunk until the wee sma's every night) so it's kinda nice. And that's all I'll say. *grin*

SO, pretty good week, all told. Hope yours was copacetic as well.


  1. Ever thought about the idea that you get warm fuzzies from your "well appointed storage" because you place warm fuzzies in your "well appointed storage? Just a random and skewed perspective I have built upon glancing over your poetic pix.

  2. I'm a warm and fuzzy kind of girl, what can I say. : ) May the cycle of fuzziness roll on.