15 February, 2010

Series finales and new beginnings.

So I picked up my final paycheque from my last job this morning. : ) It was pretty funny, they left the cleaner with firm instructions to get me to sign a legal waiver that I'll never ask them for anything else ever again before she was allowed to give me the cheque. The only reason I find it funny rather than pathetic is because I was never asking for more than I was owed from the get go, yet they seem to have me pegged as a ruthless gold digger, out to get all I can from my hapless ex-employers. *sigh* Oh well, now all I have to do is wait for the cheque to clear and then rest easy.

More good news, the moggies got their stitches out today! Mass celebrations in the Gabs household, Himself and I haven't had an uninterrupted night of sleep between us in about two weeks due to the damned buster collars. The vet was very impressed we left the collars on the whole time. This was news to me, as the idea that we could take them off if we didn't like the effects didn't really seem to be a viable option due to Kit's wild and abandoned stitch-ripping antics whenever the opportunity arose. Apparently not all cat-cohabitants are so diligent. Kudos to us, but dear little baby Jesus, bring on the sleep.

On an even happier (and yes, less pathetic) note, I had my first day at the new job today. It's just a one off, I start properly on the 22nd. The boys are rambunctious, but helpful when asked in the right way, and the family is the epitome of professional. I have, wait for it... A CONTRACT! I know, I know, I'll wait for you to pick yourselves up off the collective floor while you absorb the idea. Everything's coming up roses. And now, I'll be doing a double gainer into the floorboards to maximise the "knock wood" effects of having said my life was going well for a change. Bring on the concussion.

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