12 February, 2010

Legal, schmeegal.

I got an email today from my ex-employer. He's apparently gotten some legal advice, because they are now "prepared to pay you in accordance with your demands provided that you agree that this payment by us will be in full and final settlement of all claims arising out of your employment by us"... *lol* Someone's running scared. If this had gone to an employment tribunal, they would have been fined for not providing my contract, and we're talking a pretty big chunk of cash. Now it's my turn to run, as in "take the money and run". *grin*

I am so glad this is on its way to being finished. I'm tired of feeling jittery, waiting for the piano to fall on my head. Legally speaking I've had the high ground from the start of this fiasco, but they're weaselly little people and I honestly expected more of a fight than this. I am pleasantly surprised this won't have to take up the next few months of my life, I was never trying to claim for more than I was owed.

So now I get to go run a bath and revel in my having pre-empted a waste of time legal battle. Let's see how many times the cats fall in this time...

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