17 April, 2017

I ate'nt dead.

It's been a while.  Like a year and a half while.  I know, believe me, I know.

Mostly, it's been a case of.. well, a case of this.

The Dervish.  The Whirlwind.  The Destructor.

The Dude.

From emptying any container of any liquid he finds on any available surface to attempting to drop a deuce on the playground in Black Park, the kid keeps me on my toes.  He's not done any permanent damage (yet), so I guess I should count my blessings.

The She Beast, you know, this one...

... she's doing remarkably well, considering.  There's still high drama should She be crossed, but school is going swimmingly and she's growing up at a terrifying rate.

Himself is still kicking as well, working his usual magic for the companies in whose financial pies he waggles his fingers.  Plus, he's becoming quite the silver fox, so bonus points for yours truly.

My life is about par for the course.  Hands full with bratlets, serving as parent governor at Madam's school, working Saturdays at a local barbershop since just before my last post on here, catering the occasional job, winding down my role with the NCT after over five years volunteering.  I'm trying to decide where I go next, as in September the manchild starts school (and where did that time go??) so I'll have time to work properly again.  Work at what?  There's the question mark.  Guess it's time for some serious planning.  I'll keep you posted, hopefully in less than a year and a half this time.

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