22 July, 2015

Grody, Dude.

I had an NCT committee meeting on Sunday night, just a general catch up to go over recent and upcoming events, and while I was there I received a text from Himself.  Apparently, Dude had taken advantage of my absence and floated one in the bath.  Not even a small one.  A hefty, full size poo.  In the tub.  Which of course meant that Himself had to fish it out, drain the tub and shower the boy.  I, of course, found this highly amusing.

Until yesterday.

I really needed to wash my hair, and Dude had painted himself with the Nutella from his toast, so I thought to save time and take him in with me.  He likes to sit under the showerhead anyway, so I got on with washing my hair while he played with his dinosaur.  (This is not a euphemism.  He keeps a t-rex in the bathroom for this very purpose.)  I got out to throw on some clothes and planned to grab him once dressed.

That's when he started shouting.

Now, I figured the water had gone cold.  This has happened before.  Or, there was the time that he fooled with the taps and had the shower running at three million degrees.  So it could have been hot, rather than cold.  Unfortunately, this was not the issue.

His hands were covered in poo.  From the mountain of poo on the floor of the tub.

This might be the time to mention that he had already done a poo that morning.  Not even a small one, mind you.  I washed the poo away, soaped the boy, rinsed the boy, soaped the t-rex, rinsed the t-rex, and went back to the bedroom to re-attempt the clothing procedure.  Then he started to shout again.

Cold shower?  Unfortunately not.

I washed away the second mountain of poo, which at least this time he had not put his hands into, and went back to the bedroom.

I wish I could say that was the end of it.  We repeated the above procedure twice more.  FOUR POOS IN THE SHOWER IN THE SPACE OF FIVE MINUTES, and this is after the one he'd already done that morning.  Not a one of them was small.  There's not a nappy in this world that could have contained what came out of him yesterday morning.  Frankly, I was a little impressed.  A lot disgusted, but a little impressed.

Hashtag boys are gross.

19 July, 2015

Thrive life, y'all.

So, after the last post (sort of during it, really) I started to break out in hives.  Like, all over my body, red, raised, stinging hives.  Spreading, changing formation, travelling fun.  I ended up in A&E for a hefty dose of steroids and antihistamines and was told it was stress.  Go figure.  So, I had to stop the boot camp and the running, and have been trying to take it easier, get more sleep, drink more water, etc. to destress and get my body back to normal.  I was completely gutted, I thought that I was finally on my way to being more active, healthier, perhaps even thinner... meh.

Anyway, a friend in the states has been posting about this stuff she's been using for almost a month.  She's lost over a stone, has loads of energy and feels generally fabulous.  Honestly, I didn't put much credence to it, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to "miracle pills".  Ketones, green coffee, whatever the heck else is out there, it all sounds too good to be true (which means it usually is).  That said, she's a friend not a random online review, so I asked her to send a sample in the next package from my sister.  In the meantime I hit the internet hard, looking for info about the system, looking for negative reviews, looking for scientific info debunking or supporting the claims made.  I took the ingredients list to my doctor to ask if it was safe to try while breastfeeding.  I was really surprised at what I found... negative reviews are difficult to find, everything's safe, green flag all the way.

The first morning of the three day trial, I woke up and took the pills on an empty stomach as instructed.  Half an hour later I drank the shake (not my thing, really, but it doesn't taste bad) and stuck on the nutrition patch.  Before I even made the shake I was feeling something, almost like I'd already had a coffee.  Afterwards... I could have run ten miles.  *lol*  I drank loads of water that day, again as instructed, and it seemed like every time I drank more water it re-upped the effects of the pills and patch.  I wasn't grumpy with my kids, I wasn't yawning my head off, dragging and craving coffee or cigarettes, I just felt good!

Day two was even better as I woke up with a monthly visitor that I hadn't had a single warning sign was coming... no pre-cramps, no grump, no bloat.  Unheard of, especially as they've been getting worse every month.  That night had been singularly awful as well, I'd been up with Dude from midnight to 4am, and after I'd followed the morning routine I felt totally fine.  Like, normal, fine.  Craziness.  Still no cramps, still no generically grumpy moods due to monthly visitor.  I worked in the garden and garage, roped Himself in to help move the trampoline to the newly cleared area earmarked for bouncing, played with the kids, it was great.

Here I am at day three, after another pretty bad night with Dude, and I'm still good.  Great, actually.  I'm finding that having something as a physical reminder of the changes I'm making (the DFT patch) reminds me to drink water, and thus far it's making me more mindful of what I'm putting in my face.  I'm still not exhausted from lack of sleep, I'm not bouncing off the walls like I was the first day, but I'd had a pretty full night's sleep before that.  I still don't have any cramps, and I've worked more in the garden, planting flowers and trimming the forsythia.  We took a walk with the kids this morning, and despite awful attitudes I haven't wanted to knock heads together.  It's amazing.  I've just come home from a committee meeting, it's at least an hour past my bedtime and I'm not crosseyed from fatigue.  *lol*

So, since I'm apparently going to be the crazy Thrive lady, I've signed up to "promote" it.  I'll have samples for anybody that wants a tester, and if you're stateside I can arrange to have samples make their way to you.  If you want to order, I have a link to use.  However, if you don't, that's even better, because that means I can take it all myself.  *grin*  Here's to a less grumpy Gabs.