12 February, 2014


Our son is six months old.

I remember how long my days felt in the time until Bratface was six months old.  Each day (especially in the beginning, when we didn't know anybody and didn't have anywhere to be) seemed to stretch out in front of me into the distance.  This time, I feel like I blinked, and all of a sudden he's half a year old.  

It doesn't help that he's insanely enormous.  When he was born, he was 23" long.  At three months old he had grown two inches to 25".  At six months, and after much struggle, I managed to measure him at 28".  At this rate, he's going to be the only six foot tall five year old in his class.  He's such a string bean, trousers with adjustable waists are the way forward because there's not a 6-9mo size pair in the land that aren't cut for a kid twice as big around as he is.  I need to get sewing on some skinny kid clothes.  What with having all that free time and all.

We had to start him on real food sooner than I planned to.  With Madam, we managed to hold her off right until she was six months old, started with rice cereal and graduated to avocado (you know, because its chemical makeup is similar to breastmilk, thus easier to digest for breastfed babies...).  Every step was thoroughly researched for what was going to be best for her tiny self.  With Dude, his first food was palmier, courtesy of his sister.  At two months old.  Then, later that month, I got to fish a piece of popcorn out of his mouth, courtesy of same.  Madam with her avocado, Dude with his French pastry.  *sigh*  He's moved on to just about any fruit or vegetable I'm eating, and he's super happy about it.  Of course, he's not that happy about the effect on his digestive system, but I think he's decided it's worth it.  At least, he doesn't turn his nose up at my offerings.

He's not saying anything intelligible yet, but he babbles on like he thinks he is.  His first sound was "bwa", which I thought was pretty funny when repeated ad nauseum.  Add to your mental picture the fact that while he was saying it, his mouth was the shape of the mouth on the Tragedy theatre mask.  Yup.  Hours of entertainment.

He loves water.  We've not been swimming yet for various reasons, but he's a big fan of the shower and the bath.  In the shower, he twists himself into contortions trying to get his hands into the direct spray from the showerhead.  In the bath, he starts kicking before he's made contact with the water.  I have a feeling he's going to attack swimming with the same singleminded glee.

He's happy almost all the time.  He has his days, of course, but generally he's so laid back he's horizontal.  He's strong.  His eyes already have a brown tinge to them and his hair has stayed dark (and thicker than Madam's was at this stage).  He's paler in complexion, and his eyelashes would rival a giraffe's.  His bird of prey impression is spot on.

He's lovely.  Happy half birthday, Dude.

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