14 January, 2013

Drama mama.

Despite (or perhaps because of?) my no more drama policy for 2013, I find myself embroiled in yet another online battle with a silly little girl. I'm on the fence with this one. You see, I'm sick to death of hearing/talking about it, but I'm also physically unsettled by the speed of escalation and the depth to which it plummeted.

Forgive me for beating a dead horse, but I'd like to put a couple of things out into the universe. If you publicly lambast a friend of mine over a minor misunderstanding, I'm going to take offense. If you let your friend call me or my friends scumbags without stepping in, I'm going to take offense. If you then go on to email other friends of mine to tell them how horrible I am, I'm going to take offense. Call me crazy. Also, if you post something on Facebook, it's not "private". Venting is not the purpose of Facebook. If you want to vent privately, buy a journal.

If you want to vent publicly, start a blog. *grin*

Isn't it funny how cutting drama out of your life causes more drama in the short term? I need to be more careful about who I let into my little world. Or become a better judge of character.

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