06 November, 2011


I had all these ideas of blogging every couple of days to keep everyone updated with Madam's progress. Turns out having a newborn isn't all sitting around with your hair perfectly coiffed, holding a sleeping angel. *grin* That said, I've never been happier.

This has been a week of firsts, to be documented below.

1. Madam had her first shower with yours truly on Friday, swiftly followed by her second shower with her daddy on Sunday. That should give you some idea of how successful the first was. I've never seen a child so content in my life. *lol*

2. Madam had her first cloth nappy experience, as proven below.

Cutest bum ever.

3. We were invited to a bonfire night fireworks party by our next door neighbours. Mimi was more than happy to attend, fireworks and chili dogs are two of her favourite things so we all popped over with Madam, but when the proper fireworks started Mimi went back to our house with her to watch from the upstairs window in warmth and comfort. This was the first time we'd left her anywhere (yes, I know next door isn't really leaving her, but it felt very weird, so shut up) and it was pretty cool that it was with her great-grandmother.

4. This is a sad one for me. Madam has outgrown her first clothes. *sniffle* She's so different than she was three weeks ago, it's freaking me out a little, so I'm going to leave this point immediately.

There are of course the little firsts, like the first time she farted while crosseyed, but I reckon she'll thank me in the future to stick to the big (less embarrassing) firsts in my documentations. She's changing so quickly, I expect her to be reciting Shakespeare by the end of next week. I'll keep you posted.

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