19 September, 2011

Updates all around.

So, we've had our UK baby shower. Saturday just gone we had a houseful of people, same setup as our normal Thanksgiving arrangements, just different food. Rather than mash and mac'n'cheese, I did finger foods and pink desserts. If you need a seriously decadent and delicious lemon bar recipe, let me know, I found one on Pinterest a few weeks ago for Strawberry Lemonade Bars that I used for the party, and they are truly droolworthy.

We were gifted a truly random assortment of bits. Some people used the list we registered for, some people went with gifts that meant something to them personally (like a replica of a childhood bunny from one particular friend), and some went with "pamper the mother-to-be" options. Then, of course, there was Darth Bunny. That's right, Darth Bunny. See below.

It was a good day. Himself's best mate from childhood came up from Essex with his new wife to stay the weekend, there was at least one representative from every office job I've ever had in this country, and even our driving instructor made an appearance. We ate, we chatted, we ate a bit more, people came and went, and I think a good time was had by all. I know Himself must have eaten his weight in food on sticks, so at least he was happy. *grin* That said, he fully deserved every bite he took, the man singlehandedly cleaned the house and rearranged the conservatory while also dealing with Demanding Preggo Gabs with aplomb. Will everyone please join me in a standing O for Himself... thanks.

Of course, I did manage to completely fail in one specific sense. Yours truly didn't take a single picture. I still can't really believe I let that slide so shamefully, and can only blame it on the preggo brains. By the time all the food was ready and people started arriving, I was so tired that I just settled in to chat rather than shoving my camera in people's faces as I normally do. *lol* I have been thoroughly castigated by Sister One and The Mimi, and have learned my lesson accordingly.

I had to get a flu shot the morning of the party. Apparently preggos are high on the list of priorities for said shots, so I dutifully trundled my way to the surgery to be voluntarily stuck. I took the car, as having spent the evening before standing in the kitchen getting food ready for the party I wasn't in the mood for a mile and a half round trip walk, but I might have made it there faster if I'd sucked it up and perambulated rather than driven. That's right, folks, I got lost on the way to the doctor. The doctor that I've seen every two weeks for the last several months. In my defense, when one walks to the surgery, one takes a pedestrianised route, and to drive it is a little less straightforward, but still... egg on my face doesn't quite cover it. I made it to the doctor about five minutes late, and luckily they still saw me in good time, so it all worked out. Unfortunately, I now feel completely out of it and my eyes are hot, so I'm thinking that's the expected flu shot side effects rearing their ugly heads.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day at work, which is a bittersweet deal for me at the moment. I've enjoyed working with the girls at Coca Cola, it's been fun, and I won't lie and say the money didn't come in handy. That said, I'm completely exhausted. *lol* I could use a week or two to just be in the house, maybe take the occasional nap, I don't know, do laundry? That said, with my luck, Madam will decide that tomorrow night is The Opportune Moment to arrive in all her glory, but a girl can hope. So think "stay put" thoughts for me, at least for the next few days.

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  1. Coca Cola? Had not heard. Did everyone speak with accents from Atlanta?

    Liz is going to mess around and not send the newborn outfit in time for Little Miss to fit into it if she does not get to the post office soon...that is if the post office does not go out of business before you deliver.

    Anyway, stay safe and sleep now. Later, you may not have time.

    We love you and eagerly await the date.

    Granny (as in Clampet)
    Grams (like on Charmed)
    Wicked (as in stepmother)
    Vinny (a co-worker randomly called me that for a while)

    I will have to ask Lilian to help me pick out a name.