27 July, 2011

A tale of two mixers.

Whose kitchen currently holds two Kitchenaid mixers? That would be mine. *grin* Let me explain.

Almost a month ago, I received a mysterious package addressed to Himself. As he hadn't told me he'd ordered anything, I rang him and queried its contents. He was equally clueless and told me to open it. That's when I noticed that the name on the return address label belonged to the male half of my adopted grandparents, the couple who spent years travelling with The Mimi and Granddaddy and still take her to breakfast (and us when we're in town) every Saturday morning. I sliced the packing tape with a growing sense of excitement, removed a layer of brown packing paper, and froze in absolute shock. There was a box inside the box. The inner packaging was emblazoned with a very familiar logo... namely, Kitchenaid. Not only that, it wasn't a case of an old box being used for new contents. There was a genuine Kitchenaid mixer lovingly cradled in its styrofoam nest. Shiny and black, it had the balloon whisk, the mixing paddle, and the piece de resistance, A BREAD HOOK. I die.

I can tell you it didn't take me long to get it divested of its packaging. I promptly hauled it into the kitchen, read the manual, dug out the power converter, and washed the bowl and the mixing paddles. We had some friends coming around at the weekend, so I decided that would be the appropriate maiden voyage for such a serious piece of kitchen equipment. Sunday morning rolled around, so I went downstairs and loaded its gloriousness with the makings for oatmeal raisin cookies. I got it all plugged in via the converters and breathlessly flipped the switch. Nada. Yeah, that's right, nothing happened. I called for Himself (and may have cried just a little bit, but we'll blame that on the hormones), who did a bit of research and promptly hied himself up to the electronics store to pick up a heavy duty converter. Unfortunately they didn't have the appropriate one in stock, so he came back home empty handed. I ordered one online and transferred the mixings to a regular bowl and proceeded with cookie making the old fashioned way. You know, with a hand mixer. *grin*

The new converter came fairly quickly. It's the size of a brick and weighs a little more by my guess, but who cares if it makes the mixer work, right? Unfortunately, it didn't make the mixer work. *sigh* All plugged in and ready to go (this time to make sweet potato bread), it blew all three fuses (including the one in the plug) and popped the breaker for the kitchen lights. *lol* Himself and I did yet more research, and it turns out that appliances of that caliber simply don't work in other countries, no matter what the transformer manufacturers say.

At this point, I was in bits. My fairy godparents had sent me such an insanely awesome (not to mention extravagant) gift, and due to my naivete we'd already thrown out the styrofoam packaging it came with so I couldn't even simply ship it back to them. I finally had to accept defeat and told The Mimi what had happened. She told me she'd find out what to do with it, and I tried to put it out of my mind.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from The Mimi. She told me that I should plan to stick around the house for today because I should be receiving a package. Lo and behold, this morning a delivery van pulled up outside our house, and what came out of its hold you ask? A UK wired Kitchenaid mixer. Shiny and black, it has the balloon whisk, the mixing paddle, and the piece de resistance, A BREAD HOOK. I die. Again. And the best part? It works. *grin* I've been instructed to hang on to the US model, so for right now our kitchen plays host to two of the most beautiful kitchen appliances ever created. Smug, thy name is Gabs. Bring on the bread recipes.

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