01 July, 2011

Kale crazy.

I've heard so much about the health and vitamin properties of kale in the last few months, I finally caved in and bought some. Having brought it home, I immediately started trawling the internet for ideas on how to use it. The two below, funnily enough, I made up, but they were both delicious. The first was a weeknight dinner, the second was to pack and take to the Paul Simon concert tonight along with a huge pot of fruit salad (because I'm a total pig). *grin*

Gnocchi with kale and red bell pepper

1. Mince two cloves of garlic and fry in a splash of hot olive oil (I used a wok, as the later stages are easier in a high bottomed pan)
2. Tear the stems from two or three healthy handsful of kale and tear the leaves into roughly bitesized pieces, add to the garlic in oil and stir thoroughly, cook for about three minutes to allow the leaves to wilt
3. Cut a red bell pepper into small chunks and toss in with the kale
4. Add about a cup of vegetable stock, simmer everything together until it's almost reduced completely
5. Cook the gnocchi in a separate pan with boiling water (it's done when they float), then drain and add to kale and pepper mixture, toss to coat in the veggie stock sauce
6. Stuff your face

Kale, sweetcorn and new potato salad

1. Wash then cut a heaping double handful of new potatoes into quarters or more, depending on the size of the spuds, toss into boiling water until tender, drain and set aside
2. Boil two ears of corn until tender, drain, cover with cold water and set aside
3. Thinly slice a red onion and sautee in olive oil
4. Tear the stems from two handsful of kale and tear the leaves into pieces, add to the oil and stir, cook for about three minutes to allow the leaves to wilt
5. Slice the kernels from the ears of now cooled corn, add with the new potatoes to the kale and stir thoroughly, heat through stirring occasionally
6. When removed from the heat, add several grinds of pepper, a couple of tablespoons of mayo/vegannaise and a few squirts of mustard (basically season/sauce to taste)
7. Eat warm if you fancy it, or stick it in the fridge for later use

I'm going to be dedicating the next blog to the amazing surprise package that arrived at our door yesterday afternoon, so be ready for a slew of baking posts!

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