04 May, 2011

Vegan gluttony.

Here I sit, in Granddaddy's chair with my feet up, laptop precariously balanced on what's left of my lap.

I've eaten Chipotle at least six times since I got to Texas. For those of you not in the know, Chipotle does burritos. Heavenly, droolworthy burritos. I get mine with cilantro rice, black beans, sauteed onions and bell peppers, pico de gallo, corn salsa, lettuce and guacamole. When it's filled and rolled up, it's a little larger than the size of a can of Coke. Massive. Deee-licious. JB is a big fan. I will point out however, that Chipotle habit aside, I've actually lost weight in the last month. Going vegan cut out most of my caloric intake, and my body is thanking me. Himself was concerned about the health ramifications, but I had actually checked with my doctor before I left the UK and he assured me that I had plenty of weight to spare. *grin*

I've lucked into a great job for while I'm home, OtherMother called me about a week after I got into town and asked if I wanted an afternoon's work doing some data entry for her at the office. I, of course, jumped at the chance. Paid work, sitting comfortably at a desk, with OtherMother's company while I enter invoices. Bliss. Then OM's boss, being the force of nature that he is, decided that I should stay on until I go back to London. He even asked if I'd consider staying longer than June... *grin* Unfortunately, I sort of have a pressing matter to attend to in the UK or I might actually consider it. It's great work, well paid, about ten minutes' drive from The Mimi's house, and it's giving me the chance to chat intermittently with OM. Works for me.

In other news, the family has decided to take the wedding shower they're throwing for my cousin and make it a joint shower for her nuptials and for my impending motherhood. Unfortunately, Himself won't be in town for the festivities, which makes me a little uncomfortable (seeing as how I didn't get knocked up all by myself, I sort of think he should be involved in anything baby related) but it's a lovely thought on their part and Himself swears he doesn't mind, so I'm going along with it. It will be nice to see the family all together, there are people that will be there I haven't seen in years.

Himself has been a busy bee in my absence. He bought the aforementioned car, he's been cleaning out the house and putting boxes in the loft, and then came the piece de resistance. We skyped yesterday, and while we were on the webcam he walked the laptop up into the ex-sewing-room/future-baby's-room. The last time I saw it, it was painted beige with a wallpaper border of fairly hideous teddy bears left over from the previous occupants' decorative taste. Yesterday, my eyes beheld a completely blank slate, stripped of wallpaper, sanded, and painted with two coats of stark white. Himself's comment, "now it's ready for you to decorate when you get back." Cut to me in tears. *lol* It's the biggest gesture he's ever made, and I just fell apart. (I'll admit to still getting a little weepy when I think about it.) He just grinned, obviously having anticipated the waterworks.

Other than eating and working, I'm mostly just hanging out with family and friends. I've managed to spend a little time with pretty much everybody important in the last couple of weeks. I've spent a night with my aunt, hung out talking (probably too late into the night) with both my mother and The Mimi, spent a couple of afternoons with the smartest nineteen month old on the planet, taken Monster Brother around town, and spent the occasional stolen moment wandering around Target with Sister Four (who still can't keep her hands off the bump, it's pretty cute). I'm not getting enough sleep, though, chatting with The Mimi is too much of a draw to just go to bed... however, that's exactly what I'm going to do right now. I'm tarred, so to bed with me. Let's hope for no more bizarro pregnancy dreams where Himself dies in increasingly horrible ways. *sigh* Sweet dreams, all.

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