17 March, 2011

Productivity and diatribes.

So, this morning has been fairly productive. Is it sad that I count managing to sleep until twenty to ten as productive? I don't care if you think it's sad. I haven't been able to sleep much lately, and I had to get up to pee three, count them, THREE times last night, so the lie-in was particularly welcome. So there.

I also managed to change the cats chip details to the new address. Yes, we moved here in November. Yes, it's now halfway through March. It's still on my list of productivity. Stop being so nit picky.

You'll have to forgive my slightly crotchety attitude these days. While the nausea hasn't been as horribly overpowering this week, several other symptoms are vying to take its place. The current front runner for the role is... wait for it... ocular migraines! That's right, folks, the few I had a couple of years ago weren't the end of that particular story. Pregnancy hormones increase the amount of blood in your body, which causes some swelling, and one of the side effects is migraines. The ocular ones are particularly fun, the way they hit me is I get an electric looking wavy line through my vision in my left eye, then my peripheral vision disappears until about twenty minutes later when it clears and the headache hits. The one I had on Saturday turned into a headache that lasted through Tuesday.

I finally called my GP for an appointment to ask about the migraines, and the other weird little body issue I've got these days (my left hand has gone numb to the wrist three times in the last month, apparently another fun extra-blood issue). His answer was pretty much exactly what I expected, he can't give me anything for the migraines while I'm still in early pregnancy. At least he apologised (fairly profusely) for the fact that the hospital lost my first batch of blood, and I didn't even bring it up...

Himself has been beyond great during this whole kerfuffle. He's become pretty accustomed to coming home to find me curled up on the couch under an afghan looking miserable, and instead of getting frustrated with me or going out drinking with mates to delay having to come home to me, he's been trying to find solutions to make me feel better. On Tuesday, he brought home tiger balm (both the mint and the cinnamon types because he wasn't sure which smell I would prefer) that had been recommended by a coworker for headaches. He dispenses shoulder massages with impunity, and brings me drinks to my little nest on the couch whenever I want them. Lovely.

On a slightly more amusing note, Himself ordered us some furniture last week. We needed DVD storage space, they're all still in boxes, and to that he added a coffee table and a TV unit. The coffee table was meant to arrive on Tuesday, for which we were given a delivery window of anytime between 7am and 8pm (!!!). So I stayed in, not wanting to miss the delivery van. Come quarter to eight in the evening, Himself arrived home, and still no coffee table. I rang the company, who extremely unapologetically informed me that I'd have to ring the depot and that they were closed until the next morning. I gave up the fight there, took the depot's details and hung up. Himself sat in his armchair looking preoccupied, grumbling occasionally, until finally he embarked upon a fairly vehement diatribe about how we paid for a delivery slot and this was COMPLETELY unacceptable. I sat in awe as the vitriol spewed forth, then offered my suggestion that he could always call them back himself (expecting that he, in his hatred of speaking to phone line staff, would back down). Imagine my surprise when he proceeded to ring them back and give them the most emphatic bollocking I've ever heard him dispense to anyone in our entire time together! He spun out a story about how his wife had to take a day of holiday from her job and stayed home all day waiting for this delivery that never arrived, and when they suggested he call the depot he informed them that he expected them to call the depot and sort the problem, and then and only then were they to ring him back with their solution. Impending fatherhood seems to agree with him. *grin*

So, I'm planning to get a little more productive activity sorted out today. I might even, I don't know... do some laundry! I wish you all a productive day as well. x

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