05 February, 2011


That's right, folks. The Browns are up the duff. *grin*

Shocked? That's okay, so are we. Seems I'm actually related to my mother (who got pregnant while on the pill more than once). Apparently I'm four or five weeks, which may seem like jumping the gun announcement-wise, but I think it'll be interesting to catalogue the changes to my body for future reference... you know, in case in a year or two I forget how miserable I was and decide we need another, I'll have a reminder of what it was like the first time... Heh, just kidding. At least, for now.

Physical symptoms aren't too bad at the moment. I've not had any morning sickness (touch wood), but my appetite is very odd. Half the time I'm starving to death, half the time I'm not hungry at all (like now, while Paul is eating lunch and I'm having a glass of orange and peach juice). I've got low level cramps pretty constantly, and it feels like there's a fishhook in my belly button tied to my spine. I'm tired, having bizarre dreams (bizarre even for me) and have barely eaten anything but tuna or pasta in the last two weeks, and my chesticular area is about to need new (larger) restraints, but hey, life is good. *grin*

The funniest aspect of being up the duff is my outlook. There are babies/pregnant women/kids EVERYWHERE. I never noticed them to such an extent before I was a walking incubator. If I sneeze, I automatically hold my stomach in a subconscious effort to not sneeze the baby out. *lol* I'm aware of everything I eat in terms of how much folic acid or calcium it has, and haven't even been tempted to have a cigarette after I quit the day I took the test.

So, I'll be updating here as and when things change. I'm already a weepy preggo, so I'm sure Himself will be seeking solace in the pub at least every now and then, I should have plenty of time to blog. *grin* See you soon.

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  1. BEST. NEWS. EVER. Congratulations girl!!! And you know where to turn if you ever want some not so conventional Mama advice. ;)