09 February, 2011

The real deal.

So, I thought I'd been having cravings for the last couple of weeks because I've been eating loads of tuna and pasta, seemed like that was all I wanted to eat. Tuna sandwiches with a cup of tomato soup to dip them in, and egg noodle pasta for some reason. That is, until Monday night.

Monday night, Himself called me on his way home from work as usual and asked if we needed anything (again, as usual). I said no, that I'd already been to the store but I wasn't really hungry anyway, and that I'd see him when he got home. I settled in with the cats on the couch and started flicking channels, getting the girlie TV out of the way so that Himself wouldn't have to suffer through it when he got home...

Half an hour later, it struck. All of a sudden, out of the blue, I was starving. It wasn't the usual "go rifle through the kitchen until I happen upon something that looks edible" hunger. It was specific, overpowering, CRAVING hunger. What did I want, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.


That's right. Our local kebab house makes grilled chicken wraps with loads of onion, lettuce, tomato, and CABBAGE. Purple, crunchy, delicious cabbage. I texted Himself fairly sheepishly to ask if he'd pick up dinner on his way home, to which he graciously answered "of course", and the second he brought it home I tore it open and dove in. It was the single most delicious thing I've ever eaten, and I have a feeling we'll be helping keep them in business over the next few months... *grin*

Other than the bizarro need for cabbage, everything else is manageable. I'm still having crazy dreams and not sleeping super soundly, but I'm told that's normal, and I'm just taking it a little more slowly during the day to make up for it. The cats are grateful for the extra couch time, and I'm managing not to fall asleep every time I sit down which puts me one up on Granddaddy. *lol*

Out of curiosity, of those of you that have been preggo, how many of you didn't completely cut unpasteurised cheese out of your diets? Himself argues that you won't find a pregnant lady in France who doesn't eat soft cheese... or have the occasional glass of wine, for that matter. Thoughts?


  1. I must sheepishly admit I was kinda a food nazi when I was pregnant... I went pretty extreme and didn't eat or drink anything on the "don't eat" list. Excluding the 4 sodas I had. (Yes I counted.) And I think there was an occassion with a slightly runny egg... But if it makes you feel better, I know loads of people who didn't make any changes to their diet, and their babies are only slightly disformed. ;o) JK! Their babies are totally fine!! haha! Do what you feel is right for you, hon. If you are craving some unpasteurized cheese, just do it. Don't make yourself miserable. :O)

  2. @Christina, well done you! I've already nazi-ed cigarettes and booze out of my diet, I'm having a hard time thinking about no blue cheese either... *lol* Let's hope for all ten fingers and toes, and only two eyes! ; )

  3. Congratulations. I am so thrilled for you. Tuna is a "no no", I hear due to the mercury content. But who knows these days.

  4. @Anonymous, I'd like to know who you are!