22 February, 2011

First GP appointment.

That's right, folks, I finally managed to get a doctor's appointment.

Just to get you all caught up with my state of mind at the moment, I didn't go to work yesterday. Sunday and Monday saw me pretty much horizontal from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I'm nauseous 24/7, not actually being sick, but feeling like I'm going to any time I'm conscious (including midnight bathroom trips).

This morning, I hauled myself out of bed, had a genuine moment of panic as I ate my cereal because I honestly thought I might lose it, managed to pour myself into office-appropriate clothing and hied me on my merry way to the GP. He was exactly on time, which shocked me as no doctor I've ever had an appointment with in this country has ever seen me at the scheduled time.

Now, I know that you'll all find this funny, which is the only reason I'm going to write about what came next. Believe me when I say that if I didn't know you'd all get a genuine chuckle at my expense, I wouldn't put myself through the embarrassment.

He asked me how I was feeling, to which I burst into tears. *grin* Proper crying, mind you, not just a slight overflowing of the eyes. I feel so nauseous, just unbearably wretched, that when he asked the question I just couldn't handle myself. He just grinned, handed me a box of tissues and moved on.

The medical history section was particularly amusing... going into the details for the auntie that was born with a hole in her heart and severe scoliosis had his eyebrows up around his hairline. Even more amusing was the fact that about fifteen minutes after we'd moved on from the medical history entirely, he mentioned a routine test I'll have to undergo for Downs. It was only then that I remembered to mention the monster brother, I don't think of him as "Downs", I just think of him as "bro". The GP rolled his eyes and updated my chart.

All told, it was pretty normal. He doesn't want to give me nausea meds until it's just too awful to bear, and he said it should level out in the next few weeks so I'll do my best. My blood pressure's fine, my heart sounds fine, and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. He also gave me my postulated due date, which had Sister One over the moon (it's her birthday, October 6th). Of course, the chances of actually having my first baby on the predicted due date are slim to none, but she confidently decreed that I WILL have that baby on her birthday, and to hell with nature. *grin* We'll see.

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  1. You will have that little jellybean on MY birthday!!!! I wanna share it with someone fun.