26 January, 2011

A year in the life of Gabs.

It's official, it's been a whole year of this blog as of today.

I've had a look back over the first posts I wrote, and it's fascinating. My memory is notoriously rubbish, so it's actually kind of great to be able to read my own perspective on life as I know it. Because it's all about me, you see.

I've been an EA, a nanny, a PA, and now, a Craftsmistress. I've been happy, sad, furious, confused, tired... you name it, I've felt it this year. There have been extreme lows, bad work experiences, fights with Himself, finding out Sister 1 has Huntington's. There have been extreme highs, making new friends, having family visits, getting yet another gorgeous tattoo, and buying our first home.

I know that this isn't one of those blogs that attracts thousands of followers all over the world (like a few that I read on a regular basis) but those of you that do read it are the ones that count for me. Thanks for sticking with me through the drama of this year, I hope that I managed to make you laugh once or twice on the way.

I'm going to make myself some french toast now, and it's not because I only have enough yoghurt left for this particular concoction rather than putting it on my customary bowl of cereal... Okay, maybe it's mostly because of that, but I plan to eat it with cherry compote and enjoy every mouthful. Happy anniversary, ya'll. *grin*

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