25 November, 2010

Thankful feelings.

As it's Thanksgiving, I feel that I should make the traditional list of the things in my life for which I'm most grateful...

1. I have a great life, and that's down entirely to Himself. I didn't make the right choices when I was younger, treated school as a joke, bounced from job to job for years, thought "savings" was a nonsense word... you get my gist. Himself did it all the right way, put himself through university and started saving to emigrate to Australia, wisely chose to reallocate that fund to buy Yours Truly a seriously nice engagement ring (yes, yes, Himself, I can see you rolling your eyes from here, and please return your left eyebrow to its resting position!), got a great job, kept saving, went freelance, kept saving, and now we have a beautiful house in which to throw parties and have houseguests. *grin* He's smart, funny, dependable, and let's face it gals, he's pretty hot. So, I'm thankful for Himself.

2. I finally have a job that I actively enjoy. It keeps me busy, and not just with making endless cups of tea. I'm given a remarkable degree of freedom to just get on with things that need doing, and I get to do this job with a load of people I really like. It provides a degree of security that I sorely need in my life, and for this, I am thankful.

3. I have a great family. My sisters, grandmother, mother, othermother, aunts and cousin are the most fabulous bunch of women I could imagine getting to call "mine". They are beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, and funny, and I love them indiscriminately. For all of them, I am thankful.

4. See below. 'Nuff said.

So, for all of you celebrating today, have a happy Thanksgiving! Think of me as I'm thinking of you. x

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