06 August, 2010

Gabs and the Manx Adventure.

So, Saturday sees Gabs and Co. on the Isle of Man. One of Himself's university mates is getting married tomorrow, and as the majority of the family belonging to the bride-to-be resides on the Isle, here we be.

It's beautiful here. The local colour asserted itself immediately in the form of our cab driver from the airport to the hotel. She gave us a little mini-tour/history of the island during the drive. We drove over a bridge charmingly storied to house fairies, who traditionally are meant to be acknowledged when you cross the bridge or the fairies will give bad luck instead of good. There's a tree to one side of the bridge where children write letters to the fairies in exchange for wishes.

We got to the hotel, checked in, and headed out for a wander. It's grey and a bit rainy, but I still managed to get some fairly good photos. Let's take a magical mystery tour through Douglas, shall we?

And last but not least...

Yes. Even off the coast of England on an island 33 miles tall by 13 miles wide, there is a mention of Texas.

So, given that uploading the photos took an inordinately long amount of time due to the ropy internet connection in the hotel, I'll leave this here. I'll have more pics after tomorrow, but for now, we'll call it a night. x

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