22 July, 2010

Fabulous Friday Frivolity.

Okay, one and all, sit back and relax for this week's installment of FFF.

My five happy things for the week are as follows:

1. I have a logo! My graphic design mate has finished the gabymade avatar, and the shop will be up and running in short order. Everyone, meet Olive.

She's cute, she's kitsch, she's versatile yet simple. In short, she's perfect. I can't wait to get her properly installed on Etsy. Now all I have to do is sort a banner and we're off!

2. I took a page out of Silly Sock's diary and bought... wait for it... a ukelele! It's tiny and yellow and I fully intend to master it and carry it around with me for impromptu sing-alongs. I should start number three, that's how momentous the next piece of news is, but as it's related I'll allow them to share a spot... it came with a harmonica. *grin* Great for tuning the uke, even better for impersonating Blues Traveler or pretending I'm four again and running around the house breathing through it. Himself will be SO pleased.

3. This is a hesitant one, as I'm not sure how Himself will take it, but the hell with it. I get the house to myself this weekend! He's got a "not a stag do" (will explain that in a bit) and is staying overnight at the prospective groom's house. Himself keeps reiterating the point that there will be no nekkid ladies or gambling dens, as the festivities are taking place in a tiny hamlet of a town without facilities for those sorts of places, and that they'll only be out drinking with the lads. This means that I can run the sewing machine and watch girlie movies without having to worry that he's bored or bothered by the noise, I can bake and make a huge mess without him cleaning up around me, I might even invite a mate round for a girlie night in. And best of all, you ask? I can sleep spread-eagle, dead centre, right in the middle of the bed, without fear of sharp elbows. Verily, I say woot.

4. I've found another gray hair. *sheepish grin* This may not seem like a happy thing to you (or to my workmates, for that matter) but for me, it's great. My great grandmother had completely white hair by the time she was my age, and I've always hoped that I would follow suit, but haven't seen hide nor hair (pun intended) of the gray variety since the first one I found at Christmas. This one is in my left sideburn, for lack of a better term, and I refuse to pull it out. With luck, before long I shall be Gabs the Gray.

5. This is sort of a general happy thing. I'm far less stressed than I have been, and it's lovely. I think it's because I've finally accepted that I can't control everything around me, and that if something doesn't go my way it's simply not that big of a deal. It's freeing, I tell you.

So, go be happy in your weekend. I plan to.

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