23 May, 2010

Sunburns and shiny things.

I've just come back to the flat, having had a picnic lunch in our local park with Himself. The weather I mentioned in Friday's post has carried on strong, sunny with clear blue skies. Gorgeous. Unfortunately, yours truly has lost her tanning privileges (in my opinion, the only downside of being heavily tattooed) and thus had to dislodge Himself and move the blanket three times as Mr. Sun blithely swanned across the sky on his merry way. That's the deal, you see. Himself buys a paper, I take a book and then invariably end up stealing the one section of the paper he wants to look at, and we set up the blanket half in the shade and half in the sun. Last year, I wore a cardigan to cover said tattoos and pulled up the back of my skirt to get some sun on my legs. I ended up broiled and lobsterish from mid-thigh down, not a pretty sight. Then came the itching. *shudder* This year, I'm being more careful.

This is a bit of a noteworthy blog, as it's the first I've embarked upon using the Shiny New MacBook. I haven't been as frustrated as I thought I'd be by the differences between Shiny New and Old Tired (poor Dell, he never had a chance). I feel a little sordid, changing my affiliations so willy nilly, like I'm betraying my old friend. Then Shiny New glints at me from the corner and I throw guilt to the wind in my rush to find out what other new applications I can play with (how fun is PhotoBooth???).

Speaking of which, Shiny New needs a name. A real name, I mean. Send in your entries, voting shall begin immediately, and let's say the winner gets a handmade kitschy prize in honour of my impending Etsy shop opening. Cletus, Bessie and Clara are off limits as they have been taken by other items in my past and present. Come on people, show me some creativity!

As part of my Mac purchase, I bought something called One to One, which is a year's worth of tutorials on the features of Macs in general and my MacBook specifically. I can book one hour slots for general stuff or three hour slots for help with specific projects, and they'll teach me the ins and outs of switching from PC to Mac (which I desperately need). I've got my first session in a couple of hours, so we'll make this a short one, as I have to pack up Shiny New and haul my (slightly) sunburned self out to Westfield.

Looking forward to those name suggestions, speak soon! x

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  1. SO I am bored at the office today and stalking all my friends and their interesting lives and "Well why I do De-clair" I saw this here 'lil contest and it just called out for a comment... I have been naming 'dem darn com-puters daily for going on 8 years now, and I thought I'd lend you a little direction.
    First off you know computers are female right? There are many reasons why, but for simplicity's sake, I just say they fall into the same kind of class as cars and ships, mysterious and temperamental... So on that note I would think something to exercise your alternate accent and tell everyone something about you would be most appropriate....

    My vote is for a southern belle name like:
    Charlotte, Savannah, Caroline, or Magnolia