20 May, 2010

Fabulous Friday Frivolity.

I've decided there's just not enough random happiness in the world. Well, in my world anyway. So, I'm going to start a Friday post, which means I'm going to have to be slightly more disciplined than I usually am (which just might be a good thing). The way forward for Fabulous Friday Frivolity will be as follows. I will choose five things over the course of the week that made me smile, and I'll give you a free pass to the inward machinations of my twisty brain. It'll give me a tangible reminder of the niceness of life, and hopefully distribute a few grins among those of you who actually read this thing.

So, let's get started! The following things make me happy:

1. I guess the number one this week has to be the fact that my now ex-boss came home yesterday from work to inform me that my presence in their house would no longer be needed... *grin* Huzzah! Yes, he's being shady about my final paycheque, but you have no idea how freeing the thought of never having to see them again is. Marvellousness!

2. I've been organising my craft stuff to get Etsy rolling, and in the process of finding storage options for such a small space as our flat I came across the following most wonderful little owls... needless to say, they give me the warm fuzzies, and they hold all of my pencils and pens with panache. Incidentally, alliteration also makes me happy.

3. My MacBook came! It's shiny prettiness illuminates my visage with joy. Of course, I haven't managed to actually use it yet as it has to charge, and I'm sure I'll be raging later as I start learning the differences between regular laptop and Mac, but for now... it's pretty, and thus, makes me happy.

4. You may have noticed the patchwork upon which the beauteous MacBook was resting... it's my first for the Etsy shop, and it makes me happy. : )

5. And last, but certainly not least, the weather seems to have turned! I took a cardigan to work yesterday, and never had to take it out of my bag. Sun, beautiful sun, bring on the Raybans! Red shades make me happy.

So, I hope my happy things brought you a little of this wonderful sunshine. I'll be keeping a weather eye on the horizon for happy things for next weeks' edition of FFF. Have a great weekend! x

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