01 February, 2010

Litigious feelings and toothsome concoctions.

So here I am, thirty years old and entering what looks to be my first legal battle.

Perhaps that's a little overly dramatically stated, but I'm feeling overly dramatic today. My last job, the one mentioned before, is proving more difficult to leave behind than I had originally thought.

I'm still due a week's wages, and they've decided not to pay. Having obtained... *gulp*... legal advice, I have finally given in and sent a grievance letter in the hopes they'll realise I'm not going to just go away with my tail between my legs. It's too hard to walk that way.

I did, however, manage to get the bike fixed. Yes, BFG, you heard me, it's fixed. A few hoses replaced, the carburetor and the fuel line cleaned out, and we're back on the road. The cost of my wheeled freedom? £35. I'm still a little in shock, I was expecting a huge bill for major repairs. So, you see, sometimes the universe gives you a break. *grin*

Also, using some of my newly acquired down time, I was looking for something to bake last week. In the quest for something other than banana bread, I came across this great recipe for coconut bread, and it's deeelicious. It's great fresh, but my favourite was sliced and toasted in the oven with butter. Now that I'm drooling, I'll share. For convenience, I'll use the American measurements as most of you would be using them, but I can post the UK ones for anyone interested.

Preheat the oven to 350F. Whisk two eggs into 10.5 fl oz of milk. Sift 2.5 cups of all purpose flour with 2tsp of baking powder and 2tsp cinnamon into a mixing bowl. Add 1 cup of caster sugar and 2.5 cups of shredded coconut and mix together. Make a well in the centre and pour in the milk/egg mixture gradually until mixed. Melt 2.5oz of unsalted butter and mix in until the mixture is smooth. Pour into a greased and lined loaf tin and bake for an hour, or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. (It took mine a little longer than an hour, so I covered the loaf with foil to stop the top getting too brown.) Allow to cool, remove from the tin, eat like a pig. It's great.

I'll leave you on that slightly more appetising note. That is, until the court case gives me more dirt to dish... *grin*

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