26 January, 2010

Clean feelings.

There's something extremely therapeutic about really cleaning something. I don't mean the tidying away, hiding things in boxes or drawers, making piles kind of cleaning. I mean moving everything and bleaching all the surfaces cleaning. I've just cleaned our bathroom, which so desperately needed it I should be ashamed to talk about it at all. Good thing I'm shameless.

Now when you open the door (because it has to be kept shut to keep the cats from playing in the drips from the taps and leaving a thin coat of fur on every surface) the lovely clean scent wafts out, and between that and the sparkling surfaces and shiny, streak-free mirror, I have a warm sense of accomplishment.

You might ask why I have time to clean our bathroom in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. My last job was as a nanny with a family in Notting Hill, and they were awful. AWFUL. Three kids, all unused to behaving like humans, and two parents, both unused to behaving like professional employers. I was promised a contract, and given that the female of the duo is an attorney it should have been a fairly straightforward affair. Turns out it wasn't, and despite asking for it/reminding them I needed it multiple times, the contract never materialised. Add this to constant comments from the kids about how they might move to France for six months or might up sticks back to Australia permanently, and you have not a happy Gabs.

I stuck it out for four months, found another position, and gave notice. That lasted four days. *grin* It was obviously uncomfortable for them to have me in the house, as having declared my wish to be leave their 'appy 'ome I was a potential embarrassment in their circle of friends (I might tell someone they're not perfect, and we can't have that now can we?!) and they didn't want to risk it. Not having that contract meant that I had no recourse but to accept their decision and move on without the rest of my notice being paid, and here I am now. Blogging at half three in the afternoon having just scoured our now sparkling bathroom. : ) At least it's not permanent, the new job starts in less than a month.

So, I'm going to take a break and get a cup of coffee, maybe call one of the sisters in Texas and pester them for a bit. I'm sure I'll have more to waffle on about sooner rather than later, so stay posted for the next thrilling installment of "How Gabs fills the time without legitimate work."

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