03 June, 2012


Three guesses as to what's on my glasses in that pic.

If you guessed that Madam threw up in my face, you'd be correct. And it wasn't just a little. And some went in my mouth.

I always wondered what my reaction would be if she ever chose to reenact that iconic movie moment. My choices were myriad, as I'm sure you can imagine, but to what I'm sure you will agree is my credit, I did not throw her in the floor or scream. I didn't even throw up on her (which I think would be poetic justice and more than a little revenge for the last eight months). I instead handed her to her father (who had the shocked look of a man who's just seen a dismembered dead body on his face) and calmly took off my glasses and wiped my face with the burp rag Himself hesitantly extended in a shaking hand (horror or repressed laughter, jury's still out on that one). I then had the presence of mind to snap a quick pic of my much-maligned glasses before trotting off for my second shower of the day. *grin*

Motherhood creates badasses. I am living proof.