17 November, 2011

Delayed post from 17th November.

"Here I sit, on the couch downstairs with Madam asleep next to me. Here I've been since around quarter past five this morning, after half an hour of attempting to make her realise that it wasn't quite time to be awake just yet. Of course, ten minutes after our relocation, she relinquished her claim on consciousness and left me to gaze upon her peaceful visage while I blog.

This week has been fun so far. I took Herself to the tattoo parlour on Monday. *grin* We're good friends with the guy who runs the place (and that was before I had most of my body covered in pretty pictures) so I took Madam for her first hangout session."

That's as far as I got. Things got a little nuts. After the tattoo parlour on Monday, we also took our first tube journey into town to see Himself at his various offices (or rather to showcase Madam to his coworkers) on the Wednesday. She was ridiculously well received and we went home satisfied that she is, in fact, the most beautiful baby on the planet. *grin* Auntie Godmother (previously known as Sister One) was here for a week after that, which thoroughly spoiled Madam to having constant stimulation. If she wasn't asleep, she was being entertained... this might have made things a little difficult for me when AG went home. We're making it through, I'm just getting really good at living life with one free arm.

I still can't go anywhere without hordes of old ladies, pregnant women and teenage girls trailing after me to get a better look at Herself. Yesterday was particularly amusing, we were accosted by a teenage boy desperately trying to get his mother's attention focused on my girl. *lol* What can I say, the world seems to agree with me on the topic of her perfection...

Perfection notwithstanding, she's managed to contract thrush on her tongue, so yesterday morning saw us at the GP... again. We got a prescription for drops to sort it out, collected them from Boots and headed home to medicate the Madam. Let me preface this next part by saying that she's no stranger to drops... her affinity for colic saw us regularly forcing Infacol into her face. So she knows how to swallow medicine.

Unfortunately, she's also managed to work out how not to swallow it.

Think firmly pursed lips, tiny pink tongue forcing this incredibly sticky, virulently yellow medicine back out onto her clothes, my hand, whatever's handy. Yeah, it's great. I can only hope that the momentary contact the meds make with the inside of her mouth is enough to clear it up.

Her development is staggering. Last week while AG was here, she leapt forward yet again. She's begun to smile in reaction to outside stimuli, huge goofy smiles where you can see her gums all the way around. She's also begun to yell. Not cry, just yell. When she's mad, or annoyed, or hungry, or bored... you get my gist. The funniest part of the yelling (other than the yelling itself, which is frankly hilarious) is that if you tell her to stop it, she does. And then looks slightly bemused.

So, I think I've taken just about as much time as I can justify to post this update. Herself is currently napping (and wiggling) on the couch, but she's begun to stir, so I'm going to quickly move clothes from washer to dryer and start another load before she demands my undivided attention. Lucky for her that I'd rather play with her than do anything else, eh? *grin*

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