24 October, 2011

Adjustments all around.

So, we had our first full-body poo this morning. *grin*

I ate something in the last day or two (I'm suspecting onion in the pasta sauce) that really screwed with Madam's insides. She's been fussy and clingy for the last 24 hours or so, which saw us downstairs on the couch at 2am this morning so as to allow Himself some sleep. We migrated back upstairs when he left for work around 6am, and only regained consciousness when Herself began to stir around eight. I rolled over to give her a cuddle, only to find that in her nocturnal travels she'd managed to cover her entire front side in poo. We're talking, soaked through two layers of clothing and into the sheet. *lol*

This of course led to stripping the baby and the bed, putting the baby in the sink for a bath and the sheets in the wash along with her clothes and a fair amount of stain remover. She was massively unimpressed with the bath, even though I thoughtfully lined it with a towel so her little cheeks wouldn't catch a chill from the porcelain. She refused to voice an opinion about the washing of the sheets.

We also had our second chiropractor appointment this afternoon. The first appointment saw her left shoulder a little stiff, a few spots in her spine that weren't as "bouncy" as they should have been, and along with those bits she had her cranium adjusted. This visit, her shoulder is MUCH more mobile, her back is doing marvellously, she had her second cranial adjustment, and her epicanthic fold (the horizontal crease across the bridge of her nose) has completely smoothed out. Basically, she's perfect. *grin* She'll have one more appointment in ten days, after which she'll be discharged until she hits a growth spurt or exhibits symptoms of needing an adjustment (the chiropractor will give us a list of things to look for).

She's currently snoozing on my chest, apparently it's much more comfortable than the Boppy or the couch. I'm figuring out this one-armed life pretty rapidly... I've done laundry, cooked lunch, and been to the ladies' multiple times with a baby attached to my front and not dropped her even once. Bonus points. *grin*

She stirs. We have our first health visitor coming tomorrow, I'll update after that.

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