22 March, 2011

Migraines and flightful swine.

So, Jelly Bean has become physically active. On Saturday I was sitting on the couch watching TV with Himself, and all of a sudden I became aware of a fairly strange feeling in my lower abdomen. Sort of like a butterfly trapped in there, sort of like bubbles zipping around... Jelly Bean must have been particularly enthused by whatever we were watching.

It's been a pretty rough start to the week, health wise. I've had some serious headache action, yesterday being the peak of the awfulness. We're talking dark room, horizontal kind of headache. No fun. The cats didn't mind, of course, it just meant they had a human heat source upon which to pound and purr.

I've managed to get a couple of bits done though, our new furniture came toward the end of last week and Himself spent pretty much all of Saturday putting it together (to the point that he now has a screwdriver handle shaped hole in the palm of his right hand, flat pack's so much fun!). I've unpacked a few boxes, though, two full of DVDs which are now in situ in the new units, and two full of knick knack keepsakey kind of stuff which were really fun to unpack. One of them I don't think had been unpacked at the last flat from the flat before... it lovingly cradled pictures, magnets (which would have been fairly useless at the last flat anyway due to the pint-sized fridge there) and most happily, THE WINGED PIG. *blissful sigh* Oh, the joy that is the winged pig. And yes, its "wing-ED".

Of course, Himself hates the winged pig, but I hung him in the conservatory (the pig, not Himself) so that will have to suffice as a compromise.

We've got the first sonogram tomorrow, I'll update with a picture after the appointment. Let's hope it only shows one sproglet on the screen! Everybody think "single baby" thoughts for me...

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  1. DUDE, I will NOT think single baby. If you have an extra, you can just give it to me. :-D