14 January, 2011

From PA to Craftsmistress.

I've done it. I've told them where they can put their job. *grin* At first, my reasoning was "I'll just temp for a while, surely I can find enough temp jobs to work every week, or I could get a six month maternity cover or something..." Now, the more I think about it, the more I realise that I want to really give my crafting thing a proper go. I have no idea if I'll be successful, and The Fear is rearing its ugly head, but I get so excited even thinking about it that I just have to try.

I think I'll be happy. I'm already happier, knowing I'll only have to enter those doors ten more times. I know Himself enjoyed when I was home early enough to have made dinner before he got in, and it was great having time to do laundry during the week, but the main draw is the thought of pottering around in my sewing room, being creative for a living. Etsy has proven itself to be a warm, vital place where once you find a crafter whose wares you like, you keep going back. Hopefully I'll be able to gather enough of a following to allow me to potter around full time.

So, for the very first time, at the ripe old age of 31, I'm putting myself out there. Wish me luck, folks, but I hope I don't need it. *grin*

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  1. oh my goodness! Sooo happy for you sweety! Congrats! (And I can't WAIT to see & buy the things you create!) :o)