03 August, 2010


I've decided it's silly to keep apologising for missing my FFF posts.

My life has changed drastically since the creation of this blog. When I started, I was unhappy on every level. I hated my job, I was depressed and unhappy in myself and in my home life, life sucked. *grin* Self pitying, thy name was Gabs.

Now, I like where I am. My job keeps me busy and I'm appreciated in it, I'm going swimming every day and feel better physically, and I've learned to appreciate the small things. I smile more, I laugh more, I am contented.

If (God forbid) I regress into unhappiness, I will restart my FFF. When I began them, I needed a physical reminder that there were happy things around me. Now, not so much.

And that's enough about that.

I will put up a proper post, I've taken some amusing pictures this week that I want to put out there but I don't want to give away what they feature until you can see them with your own EDBDIs. (Granddaddy joke, you'll have to forgive me that one.)

Go smile at something that amuses you. See if you can catch an elderly couple holding hands, or a teenager on the bus picking his nose like he thinks the window stops people from being able to see him. Have a good day. x

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