20 January, 2014

No drama, mama.

Before I write a new post, I tend to re-read the previous one. I will refer you to said post. That's why I haven't written again until now. *lol*

This will be a "cataloguing events" post, rather than a topically specific one. Funny things happen, and I forget to write them down, thus forgetting they happened until reminded by Himself of the omnivorous, omnipotent and omnipresent (to stick with the alliteration, should we add "obnoxious"?) memory.

  • Madam turned two. We had fifty something people at our house. Literally, fifty something. For a two year old's party. I can't wait to show her those pictures when she has a two year old of her own.

  • On Christmas Eve, Himself, his family, the kids and I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It rained torrentially. Think sideways. We abandoned the park for a little jaunt into town for some window shopping, and at one point wandered into Liberty to look at shiny things. While I drooled gently onto a tray of initial pendants made of various metals and diamonds, I jokingly mentioned to Himself that the next time he does something really awful, I want one with an "I" and one with an "A". He blankly stared at me for a second, then finally asked why I wanted an "A"... that's right, he'd forgotten our son's full name.

  • Christmas happened. I managed to get a real tree (yes, we decorated it on Christmas Eve... so what, it still got decorated before Christmas) to save the trunk for ornaments like we did with Madam's first tree. I did manage to get New Kid's stocking made (again, on Christmas Eve... shut up). I did not manage to get the kids footprints like I did at Madam's first Christmas. I did manage to get stockings hung and filled for five adults and two kids, I did manage to provide sausage balls and hot chocolate, and I did manage to get a few pictures of Bratchild's response to her (frankly embarrassing) pile of presents.  It was a good holiday.

  • My mother made it over for a visit, she arrived on Boxing Day.  We hadn't seen her since last Christmas, she hadn't met New Kid, it was well overdue.  I got a firsthand look at what a difference it makes in day to day life to have family near when you have more than one child.  I was spoiled rotten for the week she managed to carve out of her insanely busy life, and it was lovely.  Thus begins the campaign to get her to move over here...

  • We rehomed our moglets.  A lovely lady in Northolt needed furry babies, we had two that were living in less than perfect circumstances, thus a workable solution for all appeared.  I could not have engineered a better place for them to be, the lady is genuinely lovely and will spoil them rotten.  She's stayed in touch, sends me pictures of their escapades regularly.  I'm very happy.

Things are ticking along nicely on the catering and marketing fronts.  I have new business for catering and repeat business for markety bits.  I'm clearing out the house slowly but surely... we have too many things.  I'm donating good quality unwanteds, trashing the rubbish, cleaning each room down to base level, patching cracks and repainting dingy surfaces.  I need a house slave.  Any and all offers of labour will be accepted and paid for in baked goods.

I'm also slowly removing every little bit of drama from my life.  I'm too old, too tired, and too impatient to have that much stupid surrounding me.  As part of that, I'm stepping down from being the responsible party for our Monday baby group.  I'm distancing myself from various sources of stress.  I'm taking my vitamins and cuddling my children.  When they bloom, I fully intend to smell the roses.

Life is good.  Busy... tiring... but good.  I hope you can say the same.