30 November, 2012

Happy Holidays.

So, today was a weird day. I put the bratface in the pushchair (which we never do for trips to central London) to take her to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with friends. We got there without incident, and when we got out of the tube station I reached for my phone in my back pocket to see what time it was... only to find that I'd been pickpocketed. Phone, gone. Luckily I'd backed it up just a couple of days ago so I didn't lose any pictures, but still... pain in the butt. All good, I'm being very zen about "stuff" these days, so I borrowed a mate's phone to cancel mine and we headed into the park.

A couple of hours in, we found the baby change facilities for fresh baby butts all around. We took it in shifts to visit the grownup bathrooms, and when my turn came around I left Madam with the pushchair and our friends. Duty done, I came back, collected Madam in her wheeled throne and we headed out. I went for my bag, only to realise that it wasn't there. A friend's husband ran back into the baby change and came out, my bag in hand. My confusion mounted, as I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I hadn't moved it from the pushchair. Upon opening the bag... wallet gone. Sixty pounds in cash, credit cards, debit card, drivers license, NI card... gone. I borrowed yet another friend's phone to cancel my cards while our group scattered, looking for the dumped wallet in trash cans in the area. One police report filed, no wallet found, much time wasted. *sigh*

I maintained my zen throughout. Impressive, eh? I mean, there was nothing I could do about it. Getting upset wouldn't make it any better, cards can be replaced, it wasn't a million pounds stolen, and Bratface and I were unscathed. No big deal.

I'm pretty impressed with my friends. I kept telling them to go on with their day, that I'd find my way home after I dealt with the police (who told me that pushchairs are a particular target in the holiday season), there was no point in sticking around wasting time, but not a single one of them took me up on it. It was all "can I get you a hot drink?" and "do you need money to get home?" I have some pretty awesome friends. I love that I'm finally at a point in my life that I have friends who put as much into the relationship as I do. It's pretty awesome.

Plus, we got to hear the German guy singing "Gangnam Style". Doesn't get any better than that.

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