22 December, 2011

Christmassy tidings.

Another year, another sisterly visit. *grin*

Sister Three declared last year that any Christmas we're not in Texas, she'll come here. She's making good on her word. All I can say is "thank goodness". *lol* I was beginning to have a hard time with Madam, trying to get ready to have a houseful of people on Christmas morning with one arm permanently occupied was wearing on my nerves a bit. After all, I have to start putting all those pins on Pinterest to good use... ; ) Three's arrival was very timely for this purpose.

I have now made cinnamon roll pancakes and two ingredient pumpkin cake, I've made/decorated/filled eight Christmas stockings (in fact, several are decorated with homemade pom poms I pinned months ago) and hung them on a board I aged with steel wool and vinegar, and even made cheese toast in the toaster turned on its side. We also put up the Christmas tree, decorated with years of accrued randomness. It's now playing host to a number of interestingly wrapped presents sent from Texas, several of which have my name on them. Score.

This week has been fun as well as productive. We've had an outing a day, as per Madam's requirements. We've done all the food shopping for eight people for Christmas, we finished last minute Christmas purchases, went into Hammersmith and central London for random wanderings, and have mooched around the house just enough to keep us from complete exhaustion. The single most bizarre happening, outside of Three momentarily mistaking a very shaggy white dog on a leash for a sheep being walked by its owner, occurred on Wednesday in Hammersmith.

We'd been poking around in one of my favourite shops, Three was wearing Madam in the Moby wrap, and when we were ready to leave I went first to part the crowd for her. As she wended her way through to the exit, she got caught up, so I beat her out. When she finally made it to the pavement, she looked visibly worked up, and when she finally managed to explain to me what had just happened, I was a bit dumbfounded myself. Apparently a little old lady had leaned over to get a better look at Madam, or so Three thought... in fact, she was going in for a kiss. A stranger kissed my daughter. On the face. Without asking. The first thing out of Three's mouth after the story was recounted? "Do you have any wipes?" Luckily I did, and the assaulted cheek was cleansed thoroughly standing there on the side of the road.

Himself managed to come home earlier tonight, and all three of his offices are closed between Christmas and New Year's, so he's got a significant amount of time on the immediate horizon in which to hang out with Madam, which is nice. We've only got a few things left to prepare for the arrival of his family for Christmas, so the next few days can be as relaxing as we'd like them to be. We're going to make sausage balls for Christmas morning, maybe do some baking, try out the Olive Garden breadsticks recipe on Pinterest... *grin* Hope you all have a fab festive season. x

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