28 March, 2011

Jelly Bean is but one baby.

That's right, folks. One baby. Not two, as my rapidly expanding belly might suggest. Thank goodness. *lol*

My due date has been changed to three days later than originally predicted, JB's estimated date of arrival is now October 9th based on the measurements they took during the scan. In this picture, he's 49mm long. How something that tiny can make so many changes in my big ol' body is beyond me...

That said, his antics on screen were hysterical. I'm talking fish out of water, random electrocution kind of movement in there. Himself's comment? "If that's what he's doing in there, it's no wonder your stomach hurts." *lol* JB wouldn't pose for his measurements (which proves he's related to Himself, who refuses to pose for pictures as a rule) until the technician had rapped on my belly a few times with the machine. Of course, Himself says JB's related to me because he won't hold still... guess he's ours, eh?

I'm still having crazy pregnancy dreams. Last night there were several, but there was definitely a frontrunner in the weirdness stakes. I was at my mother's old house in north Arlington, the one they sold years ago, but I was still my age now. For some reason I was throwing a massive tantrum, going through closets and throwing things out onto the floor, and all my vintage stuff for the Etsy shop was there so I started throwing that too, smashing it to bits. Yeah, strange dream, but it was the detail that threw me. There were specific pieces that I smashed that are currently sitting upstairs in the spare room waiting to be listed in the shop, tiny cut glass vintage shot glasses, 70s bar handle teacups and saucers, a ceramic Delft clog... very odd. All that detail, and I have no idea why I was so mad. Go figure.

I've been feeling a little better lately. Yesterday saw Himself and I tramping out for an explore around the neighbourhood. We headed off down the canalside, stopping for chats with all the local dogs on the boats of course, and then headed back via the local park we hadn't visited until yesterday. What a gem! It's got a bandstand, loads of planted beds, plenty of picnic space, play areas suitable for all ages, tennis courts and a newly installed workout area. All this alongside the canal with the ducks and geese squawking away while kids toss bread with their parents. Plus, the weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm. This meant that lunch in the pub garden was practically obligatory... all in all, a very pleasant day.

I suppose I should see what has the moglets so excited in the conservatory, there are some slightly worrying crashing noises emanating from out there at the moment. Let's hope they haven't done anywhere near the damage I did in my subconscious last night.

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