11 June, 2010

Fabulous Friday Frivolity.

It's been a funny week, I'm having to think a little harder to find my five happy things. But we will persevere, and they are as follows:

1. We're looking at houses at the weekend. *grin* There are two in Eastcote that we have appointments to view, and it's very exciting. I don't really feel like a grownup, but I do love moving into a new place and nesting my head off. Plus, we're only looking at places with at least two bedrooms, so I'll have a place to put my sewing machine and any spare Texans I find in our area. No more air mattress in the living room floor! Woo hoo! Unless, of course, the whole family comes at once... I think I'll save that air mattress after all.

2. I love a bit of spring cleaning. I know, I know, I'm sick, but every office I've ever worked in has needed a proper thorough cleanout and archiving session, and it's been me that instigated and executed. I spent a few hours yesterday filling boxes full of stuff that nobody needs access to. Everybody was watching me, and then started getting involved in the clearout, and soon enough it was most of the floor emptying cupboards and throwing things out or into boxes. Love it, love it, love it.

3. I planted my veggies outside this week. Bell peppers and tomatoes, grown from seeds, in pretty lime green and cobalt blue pots on the back steps. Hopefully the snails will stay away from them long enough for us to get some edibles off them, but either way, there's a tremendous sense of accomplishment in growing something successfully from a packet of seeds. Warm fuzzies.

4. Everyone on this side of the world is going to smack me in about five seconds, but those of you in Texas will understand this one. *bracing myself for the smackage* It's June, and it's not hot outside. It's 54 degrees outside Fahrenheit, 12 degrees Celsius. In Texas right now, it's four in the morning, and it's 79 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 Celsius. At four in the morning. In the dark. Everybody here hates it, they're wanting excuses to strip off in the park and get royally roasted, but not I said the fly. Cool weather plus motorbike equals happy Gabs.

5. This is a silly one, I know, but it just made me happier than I've been in a good 48 hours. One of the gentlemen in my office is having his fiftieth birthday today, and must have been feeling beneficent as he brought in a load of cakes from M&S. I just had a scone with cream and jam, and my tummy is happily digesting it as we speak. Yum, yum, yum.

There, that wasn't so hard actually. Funny how when you break it down and really think about the happenings of the week instead of the general feeling that accompanies it, there are some happy bits that you might have missed otherwise. I'm in a much better mood now. : ) Go have a good weekend, all of you. I'll update at the weekend about the Great House Hunt. x

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