18 May, 2010

Speed shopping and storagey goodness.

So I got a call yesterday afternoon whilst already firmly ensconced within the loving walls of my current job. The employment agency that has placed me once before had an interview for me. "But Gabs," I hear you saying, "isn't this great news?" Yes, it was. The problem, you see, was that I had nothing to wear.

This conundrum saw me racing straight from work to the hated Primark. I managed to beg my way into the dressing room with a hastily gathered armful of suit pieces (did you know that even though they close at eight, they close the dressing rooms at half seven???) only to find that none of them fit properly. *sigh* I then sprinted across the street to TK Maxx, where I slipped in the door ten minutes to closing and managed to find three pairs of trousers, and was desperately searching for something to pair with them when I got firmly informed that if I didn't head to the tills right that second, I'd be forcibly placed in restraints and made to listen to Lady Gaga until my ears bled. I threw some money at the girl behind the register and hightailed it for the street.

The good news? All three of the pairs fit, and one marvellous, wonderful pair were... wait for it... ACTUALLY LONG ENOUGH. Even with heels...! The bad news? Nothing I had in my closet looked even vaguely professional enough paired with the miraculous trousers. Everything either looked sloppy, or showed my tattoo, or just wasn't right. So, this morning saw me running back up to the wretched Primark, in the hopes that perhaps something that was jumbled up in the dressing room last night had been put back on the racks for today and was just waiting to be bought by yours truly. I grabbed a dress and collared shirt combo, and then went back to TK Maxx to return the two pairs of trousers that had lost out to The Ones. Since I was already there... like I needed an excuse... I had a quick rummage through the racks and desperately clutching yet another armful of clothes, beelined for the dressing room, and ended up with two cardigans, a button up shirt and a blazer.

I'm sure you're dying to know what came next, so I'll tell you. No, really, it's fine, I don't mind telling you. Now calm down, I said I'd tell you!

I wore The Trousers with a button up and the blazer, went to Paddington for the interview, made the standard ingratiating jokes, thanked them for their time and went on my merry way. Three hours later I was the slightly disbelieving recipient of a call from the agency letting me know that I'd gotten the job. *grin* Paddington is ridiculously easy to get to from our place, the money is stupid, and it's a minimum of three months temp work with the possibility to go permanent. I'm not sure if I even want the option of long term, but it's nice to know it's there should my fickle self want it in future.

In other news, my craft supplies are quickly outstripping my capacity to house them. This Etsy business gets cumbersome, let me tell you, and I've been mulling over the storage options for some time now. Please may I introduce you to Clara and Bessie.

Clara's on the left and Bessie's on the right. They were a find in one of my myriad journeys through TK Maxx, and they shall look most beautiful housing all my fabrics and keeping the devil moggies from shredding everything in sight.

I'll be starting the new job on Monday part time as I finish working out my (interminable) notice period and then full time the week after that. So much for my fond thoughts of perhaps a week off to organise the house... *lol* Hell, it's not like I'd actually get any organising done anyway. So, on that brutally honest note, to bed with me. Good night, all. x

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